Japan Telecom Recovery - Another quake, another disruption, 3/16

At 3/15, 10:31pm, another quake struck eastern Japan.  This time, epicenter was Shizuoka prefecture, and the magnitude was 6.4 - equivalent of New Zealand earthquake a few weeks ago.  Oddly, nobody takes it seriously in Japan now - it is just another tremor. Due to this quake, some more telecom service became unstable.  NTT DoCoMo placed 80% traffic restriction on calls to Shizuoka, Yamanashi, Kanagawa prefectures, and some parts of Tokyo and Aichi prefectures right after the quake.  However, they lifted the restriction on 3/16, 0:22am.  Current restrictions are effective in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima (up to 50%), Ibaragi (up to 30%), Gunma (up to 60%) as of 3/16, 11:34am.

Unfunctional cell site number is down to 1970 sites as of writing.  No effect was made by the Shizuoka quake.

Source:  Nikkei Newspaper, 3/16