Japan Telecom Recovery - Mobile cell sites deployed, 3/15

As previously reported, mobile operators are working hard to recover their cell sites. Source:  Nikkei Newspaper 3/15

DoCoMo, whose 6720 sites damaged at the peak on 3/12, has reduced the unfunctional sites down to 2130 by 5pm on 3/15, which corresponds to 20% of total 11,000 sites, orignially deployed in Tohoku area.

KDDI's damage was down from 3800 to 1500 sites, Softbank from 3786 to 1157 sites, both compared to the peak of the damage.

Damage by the tsunami will take a long time, and the carriers are deploying mobile cell sites to the emergency shelters.  As of the time of reporting, DoCoMo has brought in 30 trucks, KDDI 5, and Softbank 1.

Still, traffic restriction is in order, with DoCoMo 80% restricted and KDDI 20%, as of morning of 3/15.  I suppose it is because DoCoMo has a lot more customers in the area.