Japan Telecom Recovery - Details of emergency deployment, 3/16

I found another info source about the mobile service status as of 3/16, around noon. NTT DoCoMo

  • Among 1970 unfunctional cell sites, FOMA sites are 1480 sites, and is broken down to Aomori 15, Iwate 440, Akita 5, Miyagi 720, Yamagata 3, Fukushima 160 in Tohoku, and 130 sites in Kanto Koshinetsu area.
  • Mobile cell sites 30, mobile power generator 30, portable power generator 400, multi-charger (for 18 handsets per unit) 80 are deployed.  Mobile cell sites are at Kamozaki-machi, Miyako-shi, and Matsuzaki, Kesennuma-shi.  Mobile power generators are at base stations in Mashiba (Ichinoseki-shi), Miyagino-ku Tago (Sendai-shi), Miyagino-ku Tsurugaya (Sendai-shi), Wakabayashi-ku Oroshimachi (Sendai-shi).


  • As of 3/16, 7am, 1110 cell sites are unfunctional, including 960 in Tohoku and 150 in Kanto area.  Voice traffic restrictions is made for 5% of calls from Tohoku area, and all the other restrictions are already lifted.
  • 24 satellite phones are rented to city governments.
  • As of 3/15, 4pm, mobile cell sites are deployed in Kamaishi City Hall (Kamaishi, Iwate), Ofunato City Hall (Ofunato, Iwate), Kesennuma City Hall (Kesennuma, Miyagi), Tagajo City Hall (Tagajo, Miyagi), and Ishinomaki Hagurocho Base Station (Ishinomaki, Miyagi).  They also have dispatched more than 100 power chargers.


  • 995 cell sites are unfunctional.  Mobile cell sites, mobile generator and chargers are being dispatched.

Source:  Keitai Watch, 3/16