Japan's former PM Koizumi doing the voice for "Ultraman" movie

via www.oricon.co.jp

"Ultraman" series is a classic monster/superhero series that is running since 1960's (I remember the very first series as my childhood memory). Now a new live-action movie is coming up, and this time, Japan's former Prime Minister, Mr. Junichiro Koizumi is doing the voice-over for a mysterious character called "Ultraman King".

Ultraman King is supposed to be the leader of all the Ultraman clan (whatever that means...), so they say the producer chose Mr. Koizumi as the best match.

Mr. Koizumi says at first he was hesitant, but his family, including his son and now congressman Shinjiro Koizumi strongly recommended him to take the opportunity, as fans of the series.