Sekai Camera Launches AR in Japan

Business service of enhancing reality (AR) application program Sekaikamera announced on haste and September 17 Softbank Telecom. It’s with Roewe that is the venerable brand of Spain, and it is used by event of limited time. Information on various Roewe floats on the Roewe Omotesando direct-management shop that becomes a hall as “Air tag”, and those who come can touch information by using prepared iPhone.


Last year's TechCrunch 50 buzz, Tonchi Dot officially launched its AR (Augumented Reality) application "Sekai Camera" on iTunes Store. Looks like they are showcasing it on Tokyo Game Show, so expect more info about it!!

I met Mr. Iguchi, founder of Tonchi Dot a few months ago and was QUITE impressed, not just by their technology but also his/their level of energy and concept. Up until now, there have not been a successful software/application venture from Japan on global scale, and I hope they are going to be one of the firsts.