Apple should build plants in Mid-West, instead of burning cash


Yesterday Apple announced that they are paying dividend and will acquire companies. I have always wondering - why don't they build a factory in the U.S., if they have money to burn?  Japanese auto companies, for a long time, have made SO MUCH effort to build and operate plants in the U.S., even though it could increase their production cost.  Why?  because they wanted to be a part of U.S. community, not just through their products but also by providing jobs to the local community.

As seen in SOPA incident, Silicon Valley companies have suffered weak political position in Washington.  I think it is not just they don't spend enough money on lobbyist, but also because they don't provide enough jobs (=buy voters) in the U.S. Heartland.  They are building data centers, but data centers don't hire people like factories.  They provide so many jobs in China, but not in the U.S.

Build more factories, not just in China, but also in Mid-West.  The Heartland.  It will help not just people in the Heartland, but also Apple's long-term reputation.