Pitfall of mobile generation


Pitfall of mobile generation Again, my son gave me quite an interesting insight about his generation's use of technology.

Today, he had to call a customer service.  The company's website did not take his user ID, so the plain old telephone was his only option.

After a few minutes, I heard him literally kicking and screaming and swearing upstairs.  Then he came downstairs, so I asked him what had happened.

Son "I called their 877 number from my iPhone, but the call dropped for 3 times.  I thought maybe I had to use a fixed phone, so I used the home phone.  But it connected to a school or something, again 3 times in a row!  Why doesn't the fix phone work!?  Their phone system is broken!  Their customer service is so bad!"  (BTW, I edited out all his f-words.)

Calmly I replied, "son, did you dial '1' at the beginning?"

Son ".....  Whaaaaatttt?  That is the country code of USA!  I don't have to dial it in this country!"


I did not dare to explain.  Obviously, he was too upset to endure my lecture about the U.S. telecommunications history of "equal access", and the lack of it in mobile.