A teen runs chased by zombies, funded by Kickstarter..


I have a teenage son.  He teaches me a lot of things how young people nowadays interact with technology. Recently, he started to jog quite often.  Before, he hated it because it is boring.  He says now it is fun because of a new iPhone game called "Zombies, Run!".

It is a real-world role playing game, with a pretty elaborate story.  Voice tells a story of a post apocalypse world where a whole bunch of zombies roam, and humans live in a colony.  The runner is supposed to pick up food and supplies for the people in the colony, outrunning zombies.  (Zombies' brains are dead so they don't have good coordination and cannot run fast. ^^;)

And he says he "funded" the game creator, through Kickstarter.  He paid a few dollars from his allowance because he thought it was a great idea and wanted to play the game.

Wow, how did he found out?  Of course, through his favorite podcast.

OMG, young people nowadays...