IPO winners and losers in Social Media 2011-12 so far











People talk about Facebook IPO as "failure" so much, but I kept hearing the same story - disappointing IPO of social media stocks - since last year, so I went ahead and made this chart.  There were 19 "social media" IPO's last year according to Mashable, and I also added Yelp and Facebook which went public this year.

My impression was right, most prominent IPO stocks have not been doing well.  Among them, LinkedIn and Zillow are the stellar exceptions.

It makes me happy to see the very bottom pair, FriendFinder and Jiayuan are both dating/adult sites.

Of course, Facebook IPO is in a totally different world, as the sheer size ($16 billion) is more than 10 times of last year's biggest, Yandex (Russian search engine, which raised $1.3 billion) and the impact is so much bigger.  It is just one week from IPO, so things may change over period of time.  But still, the Wall Street side story sounds very different from the dot-com bubble time.

In the meantime, over here at Silicon Valley, the air feels bubbly.  So many insiders made money out of these IPO's, and the housing market is soaring again.  Things look differently from this side of the coast, as usual.