Smartphones' share now is 50% in Japan, but still Galapagos

Smartphone shipment among total mobile handset in Japan during the first half of this fiscal year (Apr-Sep) reaches 49.5%, according to MM Soken.

WirelessWire News 11/30

Sharp keeps the top position (19.4%) in brand share, followed by Fujitsu (16.7%), SonyEricsson (12.8%), Panasonic (10.3%), Apple (9.3%), NEC Casio (8.8%), Kyocera (7.8%), and others.

Compared to the same period last year;

winners:  Fujitsu (last year: 14.9%), SonyEricsson (7.4%), Apple (7.9%)

losers:  Sharp (22.7%), Panasonic (13.6%), NEC Casio (12.1%), Kyocera (11.4%)

These Japanese vendors make their own versions of smartphones matched to the Japanese carriers' specifications.  The old-type "very high in function but only used in Japan" feature phones are widely known as "gala-kei" (Galapagos Keitai/mobile handset), and now these "very high in function but only used in Japan" smartphones are currently called "gala-sma" (Galapagos smartphone).  Despite the popularity of smartphones (iPhone/Android), Japan is still Galapagos in this department.