Japan's telecom recovery info - Internet

I just came back from Japan, after being stranded at Narita Airport overnight due to the big earthquake last Friday. There really is nothing I can do to help the situation, other than to pray for my country, but as an industry professional, I will try to gather as much info as possible about telecom, mobile and internet infra/service desruption and recovery in Japan.

First, a secialist is surprised that Internet infrastructure was largely intact in Japan after the quake.  I experienced it myself at Narita.  After a few hours, WiFi in the airport was up and running, and I could send/receive e-mails and Twitter on my Android smartphone with no problem.  It was such a relief to have a reliable communication device, as in those times, mobile phones are hard to go through and I refrained myself not to dial too many times so the circuits would not get clogged.

Japan's Internet largely intact after earthquake, tsunami

Despite the Quake, Japan’s Internet Connections Are Going Strong

More info will follow.