Japan Telecom Recovery - Rolling Blackout Effect for Mobile, 3/14

Due to the damages to power plants, including the current-hot-topic Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant -, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) planned rolling blackout in Tohoku/Kanto area.  As of 3:00pm, 3/14, mobile carriers are stating the expected effect of the blackout as follow: Source:  WirelessWire News, 3/14

Softbank Mobile

  • Each base station has a power generator, and will be functional for a few to a few teens of hours.  Therefore, if the blackout lasts 3 hours as planned, mobile phones will be functional, but due to other reasons, sometimes the service can be unstable.

au (KDDI)

  • Except for the areas already affected due to the base station damage, au mobile service will be available.  However, in some areas served by repeaters such as underground malls and high-rise buildings, or where service congestion occur, the service may not stable.
  • au femtocell and au repeaters will not be functional.


  • Each base station has its own power generator and we believe that planned 3 hour blackout will not disrupt the service, but there are many uncertainties and we cannot state for sure.


  • Service may be unstable due to the rolling blackout.

UQ Communications

  • Most of UQ's WiMax base stations are not equipped with power generator and we expect that service will not be available during the rolling blackout.