Japan Telecom Recovery - "Hack for Japan" being held, 3/19-21

To gather the idea and knowledge of Japanese Web people to come up with better solutions for Japan's current crisis, several major Japanese Web/Net players got together and organized "Hack for Japan" event.  It is currently under way, 3/19-21. Participating companies provide hosting/cloud service, technical help and other resources, and participants can use any open software, including various Web APIs, Android/iPhone, Windows/Mac and so on.  It is open to any developers for free.

As Tokyo/Tohoku area logistics is too hard to maneuver, the event is basicaly held online on Google Wave and Google Moderator, but there are several physical venues in Western Japan.

Participating Companies:

Google Japan, Rakuten, Yahoo! JAPAN, Microsoft Japan, Twitter, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce Japan, OpenStreetMap、Hatena、Mixi、Evernote Corporation, Cloudant Inc., Sakura Internet, Tonchi Dot


Kyoto Research Park (capacity: 100), Fukuoka AiP Cafe (20), Okayama Libra Hall (30), Tokukshima Tsukimigaoka Beach Park (capacity unknown)

For further information, please visit the following offical Webpage.

Hack for Japan Website

Twitter Hashtag: #hack4jp

Source:  Hack For Japan announcement page