Mini-mosque as an "anti-terrorist" measure

Ground Zero: Its Boundaries Are Elastic

If this ugly fight is not about religious freedom, as the center’s opponents assert, if it is instead a question of honoring the dead and showing respect for the families of those murdered by Islamist fanatics on 9/11, how far from the World Trade Center site might Park51 be built to keep everyone reasonably satisfied?


I told my 13-year old son about this "mosque on Ground Zero" issue today, and this game infected brain said, "it is a good idea to put a mosque on Ground Zero. Then, muslims will not attack there again."

Yes, that is right, son!! I never thought of it, but you are quite right.

So borrowing frin this idea, why don't we put a mini-mosque on top of every high-rise building in the U.S.? In Japan, small Inari shrine is often built on top of buildings. So we copy that. Put the mosque on the "top" so "they" can see it clearly from an airplane.

As for airplanes, also borrowing from this idea, we can paint a phrase from Quran on the body, so "they" can clearly see it. Then, they would not think of blowing up such an airplane.

These would be a way cheaper anti-terrorist solution than airport security such as today.


Inari shrine on top of a department store building in Japan: