Asiajin » NHK World TV iPhone app: English TV programs on Japan in your pocket


I have become a bit of NHK fan lately, because of their continued effort to adjust themselves to the net/web world, and of their recent hit dramas full of my favorite actors. I tried out this iPhone app, and currently the program line up is not necessarily "attractive" for me (e.g. I was hoping to watch "Salaryman Neo", my favorite satire/comedy show), I still want to support their effort to open up their window.

I am sure very few people would enjoy it, but it is an interesting effort to broadcast "English" shows globally via Net.

They can do this because they are independent from TV CM. They have "subscription" based business model, so they don't have this REALLY tangled relationships with Japanese big ad agencies and actor management offices. They can be the "disruptive technology" in Japanese TV circle... I hope.