TC50 impression

There are a number of promising web companies here at TechCrunch50 that didn’t make the cut as TechCrunch50 finalists, but were chosen as DemoPit participants instead. One of these companies, a 4-man startup based out of Tokyo called LIFEmee, has probably one of the grandest ideas of TechCrunch50 as a whole: The service intends to become a platform for recording, managing and sharing your life online – from “the cradle to the grave”, as LIFEmee itself puts it.


MA and JC

I am at Tech Crunch 50. Today I feel much more at home than yesterday, and met a bunch of interesting people. One of them is Serkan Toto, writer of the above entry. He is covering some interesting Japanese ventures participating in this event.

Overall, lots of the presenting companies look to be focused on solving real life problem, including local business, health care, financial management, etc., and feel that they have feet on the ground - unlike the "hype" stories that sometimes popular press want to induce.

I was also quite happy to hear that Serkan, who covered WISH2009 and many other similar events, felt that WISH, that was held in Japan last month, had VERY GOOD quality companies presented, even compared to other similar events in Japan. As I was following that event from early on, I am SO happy that Mr. Tokuriki pulled off as it did.

Today, I collected enough number of t-shirts and water bottles for my kids, so now I am finally relaxed. Trying to enjoy the event now.