WISH2009 will be held in Tokyo next week

A new Web community event WISH2009, a sort of mini "TechCrunch50" Japan version, will be held in Tokyo on August 21, 2009.

It is a showcase of start-ups and organizations trying out a new things on the Web, and a place for Web innovators to gather and exchange ideas.  Please see the details at the following Asiajin blog.

Asiajin entry

It is held by AMN (Agile Media Network), a premier blog network in Japan, and my Japanese blog is honored to be a part of it.  The number of presenters are still small compared to TechCrunch, but am really excited to see such event happening in Japan as well, organized by a start-up.

You can still sign up to attend.  Please visit WISH2009 website.  (Sorry, Japanese only).