Newsvine - Internet campaigning arrives cautiously in Japan

In this animated image on the official Web page of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, a noodle chef, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Democratic Party leader Yukio Hatoyama, widely expected to be the next prime minister, replacing ruling party chief Taro Aso after the balloting on Aug. 30, 2009 for the lower house of parliament, presents a bowl of noodle, trying to please every customer until his bowl is an overflowing concoction of fish, fruit and ice cream. The ad, which has drawn more than 208,000 hits on YouTube, is poking fun at the alleged indecisiveness of Hatoyama and his party, the Democratic Party of Japan. (AP Photo/The official Web page of the Liberal Democratic Party)


OK, this is what I have been talking about. Finally, they are catching up, and there have been SO MUCH discussions about "internet usage for politics" on Japanese blogs/twitter/whatever.

Mr. Daisuke Tsuda, one of the net opinion leaders, said in his blog that the role of "gathering lots of votes" is as important as "casting your own vote" and still to me Japan's political net usage is not about THAT point and more of just "propaganda" or "advertisement" of the politicians, but I believe that people are smarter than politicians and will get it eventually.... I hope.. maybe.