Japan's Mobile WiMax starts on Feb. 26

UQ Communications, a group company of KDDI, will start providing Japan's first mobile WiMax service "UQ WiMax" in Tokyo, Yokohama and Kawasaki on February 26, 2009.  They will eventually expand the service through Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka corridor.  The article reports that they will focus the coverage in major train stations.

The service plan will be 4480 yen (approx. $45) flat per month, and the maximum downward speed will be 40Mbps, upward 10Mbps.

CNET Japan 2/3/2009

They will provide free trial service until June 30.

Globally, WiMax has shrunk down to a niche service for emerging countries lately, but UQ has to start the service because of their oblitagion to the government as a spectrum licensee.  With the economic environment as grim in Japan as everywhere else, it is a tough start for UQ.

But you never know.  Things sometimes work differently in Japan.  I never expected E-Mobile does such a good job getting people to use their "Net Books" (small and cheap wireless-net-enabled PC, which is provided for free to users with carrier's subsidy), so it may be another case.

Anyway, I HAVE to get there before 6/30 to try it out for free myself.