SPAM goes to Japan - not mail, but meat

For whatever reason, Hormel Foods is starting to sell SPAM for the first time in Japan.

IT Media 12/11

It refers that SPAM has been sold in Okinawa for a long time, and for most of non-Okinawan Japanese, SPAM has been only known as a part of Okinawa cuisine.

Some commenters mention "SPAM Nigiri", rice ball with a grilled/sliced spam on top, which is popular in Okinawa, as well as in Hawaii.  Here in Northern California, Japanese supermarket sells SPAM nigiri at lunch deli corner.

With the original SPAM absent in the food market, the term "SPAM" is only known as "junk mail" in Japan.  Richard Bross, president of Hormel International, states on that fact, "Laughed at or ridiculed, as long as the name SPAM is mentioned, I don't mind."

Itochu, one of the major trading houses in Japan, is the distribution partner in Japan for SPAM.