Joining this blog - 2

Hello everyone. I am another blogger joining this Japan Tech blog. My name is Yoko "Not Ono" S - I don't remember how many Americans have asked me about her well known better half John Lennon. :p

I've been a hardcore reader of Michi's blog and a friend of Yuki, who's been contributing to this blog for a while. Thanks Yuki for offering me this great opportunity!

 Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Fukuoka, grew up in Tokyo and moved to San Francisco 4 years ago. I've been working for an accounting firm and a full time CPA ever since I graduated from the college. Yes, I am not a "Tech Person" in my career, but I am a person who is having a lot of fun with technologies. In fact, I didn't get to know Yuki and Michi if blog technology doesn't exist in my life. So, I guess I have some good reason to join Japan Tech Blog!

Besides working as an audit manager with the firm, I've been writing monthly articles for online edition of Nikkei Business, which is considered as Japanese version of Business Week. (Nikkei has an alliance with BW at least). On Nikkei Business, I am delivering articles about US finance/accounting issues to Japanese readers. On this blog, I will bring some taste of finance/management matters relating to Japan. And maybe other fun stuff. We'll see.

On the personal side, I've been having fun in belly dancing, traveling, playing the violin, and dining out at good restaurants in the bay area (and yelping about them, of course) etc. Living in San Francisco has been a lot of fun for me. I still remember when I arrived in San Francisco on a cold rainy day by was the beginning of my real life after living in Japan as a girl who never lived out of the tiny island. In San Francisco, I learned how to cook, how to drive a car, how to negotiate my rent, how to deal with many diverse people in the team, and all other important things in the life. It's been full of eye opening experience.

Okay let's move on to the next topic. I am looking forward to posting some entries and introducing more about my home country to the world.