Joining this blog

Hello world. I am a friend of Michi's, or more precisely her fan, and I’ll be contributing to this blog from time to time.

Although I've been running my own tech/startup blog in Japanese, I hadn't been able to get round to making English version. I was hoping that translation technology would advance eventually, but it looks to be years away before reaching a practical level. So, when Michi offered this wonderful opportunity to join forces, I said, "why not".

Let me start with a brief introduction of myself.

I moved from Tokyo to San Francisco about 4 years ago. As a day job, I am an M&A advisor for tech startups. That means, I help early stage tech startups to get to the next level by finding acquirers or strategic partners for them. Before that, I was a management consultant working closely with internet and enterprise software solutions.

Traveling has been my longtime passion. I have visited over 40 countries so far and hope to keep backpacking around. It is fascinating to observe the lifestyles of people in different places and learn different perspectives.

My favorite things about Japan are the food, computerized bathtubs, and considerate people. It is a great country after all.

Well, I guess that's enough about me. I am looking forward to putting our Japan-related stories and thoughts through Japanese eyes out to the world...before everybody forgets about the tiny islands in Asia.