On Vox: Blackout in Silicon Valley

We were out in Mexico for a few days for New Years Vacation, and came back to find out that we had a blackout in our house.

It turned out that our area was the hardest hit in the area, and as of now, which is supposedly after more than 30 hours after the blackout tarted, the power still is not back on.

We have the backup circuits and UPS and everything, but nothing is of use.  The Net is out, and I cannot do any work done.  I don't have any radio anymore, other than Pandora, and of course it does not work.  I cannot charge the cell phone. 

It is such an irony.  The only way savior is the car.  I can recharge my cell battery, run to our friend's house who has the power to connect to the net.  The car has the heat and light.  As long as the car runs, I am OK.

I have stock up with canned soup and instant ramen, firewood and battery to survive for one more night without power.  Hope it will come back on tomorrow.

Originally posted on enotech.vox.com