My memo

Just learned these numbers.  I am writing them down for my own memo, but interesting numbers...

1.  Mobile handset share in Japan

Sharp  19.6%  (up 4.4 points)
Panasonic  13.2%  (down 2.9 points)
NEC  13.2%  (down 2.4 points)

Background:  Sharp was successful in their new "One-seg" phone from Softbank  905SH, with a rotatable screen.  They named its mobile phones as "Aquos Keitai" to coincide with their LED TV sets, to emphasize their high-quality LED screens.  They have 43.9% market share on LED TV as well.  LED share is as follows:

Sharp  43.9%
Sony  18.0%
Panasonic  17.0%

Source:  Nohon Keizai Shimbun

2.  Mixi growth stops on the Web, continues on Mobile

Mixi has just exceeded 10mil. member number in May, but their page view on PC web is on decline, while its mobile PV is increasing.  (below numbers from June 07)

PC web:  6.38bil. total (-7%), 607.0 per member (-19%)
Mobile:  5.27bil. total (+30%), 493.3 per member (+13%)

Accordingly, CEO Kenji Kasahara states that they are planning to introduce "Mobagei" type casual game and avatar functions, and opening its doors to minors (currently 18+ only).

Source:  IT Media