Correlations between good-looking bunch and Web2.0

Jay_and_mina I was attending Web2.0EXPO in San Francisco earlier this week. Roaming around on the floors in Moscone West, I noticed that the ratio of good looking guys is unproportionately high compared to other tech conventions I have ever gone to. I happen to be a woman and genetically more interested in men, so the fact caught my eyes, but I also noticed, after finding out this fact, that there are also unproportionate number of women, particularly fashionable and good looking women, as well.

I casually wrote this finding on my Japanese blog, and got a comment that it is because lots of Web2.0 guys are from media and advertisement industry, not from tech industry per se. That sounds like a very legitimate explanation. In addition, low age level also helps. It is a striking difference from CTIA, the cell phone show that I just attended at the end of March.

Chad Hurley of YouTube, Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson of Digg/Revision 3, John Battelle and many other guys on the keynote stage at the EXPO are all somewhat media type people. Alas, so it probably is still the case that all geeks are not born equal.

Anyway, the point here is that Web2.0 world seems to be quickly shifting from the original geek paradise to the flashy media world, not entirely unlike Hollywood or Madison Avenue, just as the previous generation of geek world, currently known as Web1.0, was quickly reduced down to souped up catalog sales channel of sock puppets of the world.

I acknowledge that the source of revenue is important to extend these wonderful activities into mass and to keep them going. And it is also wonderful to see such a large number of nice looking young folks on the show floor. And I know some people lament this transformation of "community feel" - where the old small community was pure and motivated to make the world a better place, but the new folks are simply trying to make a quick money.

I am mixed.  I am just trying to grasp and embrace the reality of the period.